Will Jetpack Revolutionize Browser?

Friday, March 19, 2010


                                    Developers of Mozilla Lab announced the release of first Jet-pack SDK. The Jetpack SDK is actually a collection of tools that enables any user who knows HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create most powerful add-ons on Firefox. They aim at allowing any one who can make up a website to cooperate in world communication through internet. This Jetpack SDK is completely an open source project. So each and everyone can participate.


                                    The first Jetpack released is not an advanced one. It is only a fundamental version only. It cannot be used for full fledged application. They are planning to release much advanced versions which can be used for building rich add-ons. They also released a tutorial for this milestone, with a video about Jetpack architecture. But the first landmark of Jetpack SDK needs a python and Firefox 3.6. Windows user should also satisfy some requirements. They need Python Win 32 extensions. Now, the developers promise that they will remove this dependency in the future versions so that everyone can use this irrespective of platform.


                                     The Jetpack will surely extend the functionality of browser. One most important advantage of Jetpack against XUL is that Jetpack extension never requires a browser restart. It is possible to add new extension from within the browser. It is also similar to the fantastic operation of Google Chrome.


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  1. Alvin Says:
  2. I think this new jetpackwill surely revolotionize........

  3. Ar@vind $ Says:
  4. welll......looking fwrd to it


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