Which is best:Java or C++

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


1. Java does not support typedefs, defines and preprocessor. So there is no use of header files.
2. There is no concept of #define macros. But final keyword is used for named constants in Java.
3. Java does not support enums.
4. Java does not support structures or unions but supports classes.
5. All classes in java ultimately inherit from object class. In C++ different inheritance trees can be made.
6. Java does not support multiple inheritances.
7. Java does not support goto statement. But it supports labeled Break and continue statements which is not supported by C++.
8. Java does not support operator overloading.
9. Java does not support pointers.
10. Scope resolution operator is not used in Java but used in C++.

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  1. mswatcher Says:
  2. thanks for sharing

  3. Latest News Says:
  4. Definitely java for me coz i know java well, but in the compilation time i got that c is better than java but i dont know about c++, this article very helpful


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