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Are you a . Net developer? Why are you not utilizing the advantage of Open-source projects? Many developers now rely upon these open source development tools.

Here, I am describing 5 popular open-source projects for dot Net developers.


It is an element of ASP. NET web application framework. You can make ASP. NET web application using ASP. NET MVC and ASP. NET web forms. The MVC application has three elements. They are Model, View, Controller. Model contains core information and View contains presentation of application. Control encapsulates control flow logic.

2. ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit

It is an open- source project created by the joint effort of Microsoft and ASP. NET AJAX community. This projects give importance to the creation of interactive web experience. ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit contains more than 30 control elements which provides easy and effective web experience.

3. CruiseControl

The CruiseControl architecture contains three elements. They are the build loop, the jsp reporting and the dashboard. The build loop is the core part. It notifies users using publishing techniques. The jsp application allows users to browse the result of the first element.

4. DotNetNuke

DotNetNuke is a popular content management platform for. Net. It is the most widely adopted web solution framework on Windows server. It is used in more than 500K portals and public sites.

5. Mono

It is a platform designed to provide developers easy creation of cross platform applications.

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PHP is one of the most popular general purpose scripting language, which is designed for web development, to create dynamic web pages. Many of the open source publishing platforms like Drupal and joomla uses this language. PHP gives fast, stable and secure pages. For a productive web developer, a superb collection of tools is needed.

In this article I like to present 6 significant PHP tools


Many of us know that it is difficult to install Apache web server. It is not an easy task to add MySQL, Perl and PHP. XAMPP is an easy to use Apache tool including MySQL, Perl and PHP. It is easy to download, extract and use.

It is a fast development framework for PHP. It provides  architecture for creating, maintaining and deploying applications. Using this tool reduces cost and the developer can reduce codes.

Codeigniter is a powerful open source PHP framework for PHP coders who need an excellent toolkit for full featured web applications.

PEAR is a framework for reusable PHP elements. It is also easy to use.

Symfony is a collection of cohesive classes in PHP. It provides necessary elements, scheme and tools for developers to create complex web applications.

JpGraph is an object-oriented graph generating library for PHP. It is written entirely in PHP. It can be used in any of the PHP scripts. Using this tool various types of graphs can be created to convert boring data into beautiful graphs.

Linaro to boost Linux

Thursday, June 3, 2010 2 comments

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One of the most popular Electronic chip designers, ARM formed group with five of its major partners to boost the use of free open-source softwares on cellphones. This will be a challenge to Nokia’s Symbian. 

They named the joint venture as Linaro which aims at speeding up roll out of new phones. This will enable them to ship advanced chip sets. Google’s Android(GOOG.O), Nokia’s MeeGo(NOK1V. HE), Palm’s webOS and Intel(INTC.O) was successful in international mobile market.

Android, which is the largest Linux version, crossed Microsoft. At present Android has fourth position in smart phone market after Symbian. More companies are coming forward to join the venture. IBM, Texas instruments and Samsung are also joining Linaro.

Linux is growing fastly, and it is the most popular Open source OS. Its competitor in the computer is Microsoft. Symbian is the chief rival in cellphone. Symbian gives its code to anyone for free.

The tremendous growth of Linux will surely bring revolution in smart phone market.

5 featured Android Apps

Wednesday, June 2, 2010 1 comments

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How a Crazy iFart App Debate Turned into a $54,657 Profit in Just 30 Days - and We'll Show You How to Turn your iPhone App idea into Cash Without Programming, Expensive Equipment, or Complicated Software
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1. The NYTimes app

The NYTimes App allows you to watch best Newyork Times journalism. It is perfectly free of charge. This tool includes various display functions, sharing facilities and offline reading.

2.  Epocrates Rx for Android – BETA

It is a medical tool for the easy access of thousands of drug monographs. You can search by name or by brand name of the drug to get full details. Cautions and side effects are also highlighted. This application requires  Android Os higher than v1.6 with 27MB available memory.

3. Twitter App

Twitter App makes your Android available with the latest information relating to any category. You can share pictures, videos and links through this App. Using map you can watch what is going on near you and all over the world.

4. Google Earth

Google Earth was developed by google, and it allows you to explore the world within your palm. You can enter name of a city or any other place to get a keen view of the same through your Android based smart phone.

5. Wordpress

Wordpress was developed by Automattic  for easy posting and editing of Blogs. It is an open-source application which supports "wordpress.com" and self hosted wordpress.

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Wonderful parking games

Tuesday, June 1, 2010 0 comments

Parking games are now craze for children. But do you know what is parking game. Parking games are new generation games which allow the player to drive to reach a designated parking place. This is simple and silly. It is full of fun and competition.

Parkinggame.net is an amazing site which provides facility to play these flash parking games. This site provide more than 100 different varieties of parking games in various fashion. The arrangement of different elements of the site is quite interesting. The colour combination and placement of ads are better than in many other sites.

There is option for sign in for playing. The list of games comes in two columns. So the home page is divided into 3 columns. Third column contains some important things like popular games, newest games, top players, newest members and so on. The wide variety of parking games in this site make the site a parking place for children.

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