Linaro to boost Linux

Thursday, June 3, 2010

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One of the most popular Electronic chip designers, ARM formed group with five of its major partners to boost the use of free open-source softwares on cellphones. This will be a challenge to Nokia’s Symbian. 

They named the joint venture as Linaro which aims at speeding up roll out of new phones. This will enable them to ship advanced chip sets. Google’s Android(GOOG.O), Nokia’s MeeGo(NOK1V. HE), Palm’s webOS and Intel(INTC.O) was successful in international mobile market.

Android, which is the largest Linux version, crossed Microsoft. At present Android has fourth position in smart phone market after Symbian. More companies are coming forward to join the venture. IBM, Texas instruments and Samsung are also joining Linaro.

Linux is growing fastly, and it is the most popular Open source OS. Its competitor in the computer is Microsoft. Symbian is the chief rival in cellphone. Symbian gives its code to anyone for free.

The tremendous growth of Linux will surely bring revolution in smart phone market.


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