Oracle delivers Oracle social service suite with the latest release of Siebel CRM Public sector 8.2 and Oracle policy automation 10. It aims at providing complete and end-to-end social service solution. It is one of the first suites designed especially for social service agencies. The Oracle suite provides agencies with a complete, integrated platform in order to improve program effectiveness and efficiency. Siebel CRM public Sector 8.2 includes latest features for profit management, automated eligibility determination and welfare assessment. This suite ensures clients quickly obtain the appropriate entitlements through regular self-service with automated eligibility determination across channels; includes the ability automatically determine eligibility and profits when there are changes in situations; and enables control of altering policy rules while ensuring precise and consistent determinations.

Google is taking bold strategy to deal with Android's biggest problem which is the availability of operating system in many versions. They are also available in wide range of devices. The Android has four various operating system versions such as 1.5, 1.6, 2.0, 2.1 which is spread across about 20 devices. Some phones not available yet like Sony Ericsson's Xperia range will come with an outdated version.

Google took measures to detach many of the applications from its main OS and to make them available to download through Android market. As a result of this users will get access to new features as soon as they are released.

Thus Google’s defragmentation strategy makes sense.

World without Computer Engineer will be very funny and sympathetic. From this picture we can just think about the condition of mankind without Computer or Computer Engineer.

Which is best:Java or C++

Tuesday, March 30, 2010 2 comments

1. Java does not support typedefs, defines and preprocessor. So there is no use of header files.
2. There is no concept of #define macros. But final keyword is used for named constants in Java.
3. Java does not support enums.
4. Java does not support structures or unions but supports classes.
5. All classes in java ultimately inherit from object class. In C++ different inheritance trees can be made.
6. Java does not support multiple inheritances.
7. Java does not support goto statement. But it supports labeled Break and continue statements which is not supported by C++.
8. Java does not support operator overloading.
9. Java does not support pointers.
10. Scope resolution operator is not used in Java but used in C++.

Intel Application store for Netbook
Titanium 1.0 App for app
Google Virtual Hard Drive
iPad Application Submission from Developers Opened
iPhone themes:Most Downloaded
Will Jetpack Revolutionize Browser?

Netbook can now download applications from Intel App Up center. is the site for this purpose. It is free to download
Intel app up client beta from the site.

Acer, Asus, Dell and Samsung are the partners of this joint effort.
Applications related to education, health, games, entertainment and social
networking can be downloaded freely or by payment. Applications for Windows
and open source mobile operating system are available. In future more
applications for various platforms will be released. This will definitely an
opportunity for Netbook holders. They are now trying to introduce many
advanced options too.

Google Virtual Hard Drive

Friday, March 26, 2010 0 comments

Now onwards Google Docs will allow files to upload at a place. Now Google Docs can handle files having size about 250GB. This limit is very much greater than the limit of Email attachment. So we can now upload large files to Google Doc instead of always carrying a thump drive.


This facility will surely assist the team workers. For example, a group of people working on particular project can share there files easily. Irrespective of time and place they can access file. Google Apps premium edition users can upload file using third party applications and can synchronize with desktop.

3 facts about iPad

Wednesday, March 24, 2010 0 comments

We all are waiting for the release of iPad on April 3rd. This has
become the hottest news of this time. The features and facilities of
iPad is not fully known. Let us see 3 facts about iPad.

1. iPad will bring more users to Apple services.
We all know that iPod and iPhone changed the entire accessory
industry. We cannot see iPad as a new product. It is a strategy of the
company to attract users.

2. No worry to Notebook.
iPad has no USB Port, no CD/DVD drives, small memory etc. So the
release of iPad will not challenge notebook.
3. Good option for elders and mobile users.
Ease of use, portability and other features make them suitable for
elders and mobile users.

Measurement Computing Corporation announced the release of Product
Selection Guide for data aquisition and measurement. This guide is now
available in the link

This latest release is a 14 page guide which deals with a wide
selection of data aquisition for USB, Pcl, ethernet, wireless etc. It
is a tool for assisting Engineers, Scientists and technicians to
create efficiently. It assures more productivity for both programmers
and others. There are interactive tabs at top of each page which
brings the user to the selected product area. In this product area you
can find descriptions, price and other features of that particular
product in a systematic order.

Titanium 1.0 App for app

Monday, March 22, 2010 2 comments


Mobile is now hottest in market today with great facilities and varying platforms. The conventional method of creating a mobile application refers to downloading the toolset and fresh SDK for particular platform. After the software being installed, one should set about learning the methods of creating user interfaces connecting to data storage, sharing through internet etc. In order to minimize the complexity of development, there raised hybrid applications. But a problem of this hybrid application is its performance.

Before many months Arno in his XMLVM project revealed an approach of decompiling byte code into XML and after that reconstituting the code to another platform. It is very interesting to watch an application written for android run without source change in both iphone and web OS.

App accelerator Titanium tool can be included in the category of commercial phone gap. With the introduction of Titanium 1.0, app accelerator has raised to a model where it can compile JavaScript/HTML for iphone and android.

Development is still going on in JavaScript. Main part is to convert JavaScript to object c/java.

Surely writing an application using single toolset like JavaScript/html/css delivers benefits to Developer.

Apple begun accepting the submission for iPad application from interested developers. It is sheduled to release the iPad on 3rd April. Application can be submitted on or before 27th of March. Applications can be developed using iPhone SDK 3.2 Beta. Applicants will get feedback through email soon after submission to ensure their piece.

Actually most of the developers dont have access to iPad hardware. A selected few have been given access to iPad even before launch under strict conditions.

The 9.7 inch touchscreen iPad mainly aims to surf web, play games and movies etc. It was a busy week for Apple. About 25,000 units of iPad were ordered per hour on the first days. This rate reduced day by day to 5000 per day on thursday. As a total 190,000 preorders were made.

                                    Developers of Mozilla Lab announced the release of first Jet-pack SDK. The Jetpack SDK is actually a collection of tools that enables any user who knows HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create most powerful add-ons on Firefox. They aim at allowing any one who can make up a website to cooperate in world communication through internet. This Jetpack SDK is completely an open source project. So each and everyone can participate.


                                    The first Jetpack released is not an advanced one. It is only a fundamental version only. It cannot be used for full fledged application. They are planning to release much advanced versions which can be used for building rich add-ons. They also released a tutorial for this milestone, with a video about Jetpack architecture. But the first landmark of Jetpack SDK needs a python and Firefox 3.6. Windows user should also satisfy some requirements. They need Python Win 32 extensions. Now, the developers promise that they will remove this dependency in the future versions so that everyone can use this irrespective of platform.


                                     The Jetpack will surely extend the functionality of browser. One most important advantage of Jetpack against XUL is that Jetpack extension never requires a browser restart. It is possible to add new extension from within the browser. It is also similar to the fantastic operation of Google Chrome.

 Learn Photoshop In Just 2 Hours.
Master The Basics Of Adobe Photoshop In Under 2 Hours With Easy To Follow Instantly Accessible Online Video Tutorials.






                                MySpace is now looking into Gaming and application platform. The company announced at Game Developers Conference in San Fransisco about the launch of new platforms. Authorities say that about 33% of whole MySpace users play games daily.
                                The upcoming MySpace Games Gallery Experience will provide good interface for finding and sharing games. Thus company aims at making 33% to 50% daily gamers in the first phase. An iphone application Neon allows its user to access gamers. This application also provide notification which can be shared and send.Myspace is trying to attach many new features for game developers in the platform.
                                 This include tools to track how users are finding new games. It also promises excellent performance tools for multiplayer games and association with powerful 3D gaming engine.

                We all know that blogging need a lot of tricks and tactics. Visitors and customers are our main objectives. Professional bloggers must use premium utilities for various applications. But there are some free utilities for some functionality. Posting, Screenshot capturing, editing images etc are the main necessities of a blogger. We can look into each one.
 It is a tool from Microsoft for desktop blogging. You can post using this utility. You can also add plug-ins to enrich content. This utility is highly recommended.

It is the best screenshot capturing ability like snagit. It is a free open source screen capture program.
3. Image Editors

You can use Gimp as an alternative for Photoshop. Gimp is accepted by the whole world. It has got many functions as required by a blogger.
It generates good feed compatibility with all feed readers. It allows simple subscription buttons. It will give you a perfect feed count gadget.

                  Even though iphone is ruling the world of smart phones, for some customers just entering the game Smartphone means some basic functionalities and pretty design. Here arises a pair of Motorola Android phones namely Devour and Backflip. Thus Devour on Verizon Wireless and Backflip on AT&T are the latest wave of phones from Motorola.


                   Backflip went on sale this week with AT&T for $99.99. The design is pretty good. It has a foldout keyboard with keys on the back of phone. There is very little space for hinge. So there is spacious buttons and there is no channels separating the keys. The latest design also support propping up the phone for media play back and can be used as a night stand clock.

                     Most attracting of Backflip is a track pad along the back of the screen. It is very interesting and it works in opposite direction while considering touch gestures. For example, moving up a list requires a downward swipe in touch screen, but an upward swipe on the track pad. It have a 5 mega pixel camera to capture the realities of life.


                     Devour on the other hand look like a Mac book pro with metallic silver cover with black keys. It has got a horizontal slider. Keys on the keypad are arranged at the bottom half of the unmasked panel. There is a track pad which replaces a trackball. Also, we can access SD and battery through another side panel. It costs $149. it has got a better processor than Backflip.
                     Both Backflip and Devour works on Motorola's motoblur software and services. Backflip runs on Android 1.5 and Devour on Android 1.6 version.

                     Motorola is taking the business seriously. So many new advances will come soon

UWB replaces USB

Sunday, March 7, 2010 4 comments

                        UWB or ultra wide band is one of the latest technologies developing nowadays. It uses wireless technology. It is certainly a promising technology. Ultra Wide Band uses extremely short low power rated pulses, and these frequencies should not interfere with radio frequencies. This WiMedia technology promises to free users from wires and also enables wireless connection from various devices for transmission of media. It is legally allowed that UWB can use a frequency range of about 3.1Ghz to 10.6Ghz.

                         This will surely replace USB 2.0. The technology is very difficult to materialize according to developers. WiQuest, which is the most successful chipmakers are slowing down the research due to lack of capital. Many companies are trying to make milestone in this field. So this technology will kick wires in the recent future.

Lets look some of the applications of UWB

A video recorded as live can be played in a friends TV as live.

A laptop can be connected to projector wirelessly during seminar presentations.

News collectors can send their videos directly into there office from the spot itself.

These are some of the applications.

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