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Monday, March 22, 2010



Mobile is now hottest in market today with great facilities and varying platforms. The conventional method of creating a mobile application refers to downloading the toolset and fresh SDK for particular platform. After the software being installed, one should set about learning the methods of creating user interfaces connecting to data storage, sharing through internet etc. In order to minimize the complexity of development, there raised hybrid applications. But a problem of this hybrid application is its performance.

Before many months Arno in his XMLVM project revealed an approach of decompiling byte code into XML and after that reconstituting the code to another platform. It is very interesting to watch an application written for android run without source change in both iphone and web OS.

App accelerator Titanium tool can be included in the category of commercial phone gap. With the introduction of Titanium 1.0, app accelerator has raised to a model where it can compile JavaScript/HTML for iphone and android.

Development is still going on in JavaScript. Main part is to convert JavaScript to object c/java.

Surely writing an application using single toolset like JavaScript/html/css delivers benefits to Developer.


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