MySpace is now looking into Gaming and application platform. The company announced at Game Developers Conference in San Fransisco about the launch of new platforms. Authorities say that about 33% of whole MySpace users play games daily.
                                The upcoming MySpace Games Gallery Experience will provide good interface for finding and sharing games. Thus company aims at making 33% to 50% daily gamers in the first phase. An iphone application Neon allows its user to access gamers. This application also provide notification which can be shared and send.Myspace is trying to attach many new features for game developers in the platform.
                                 This include tools to track how users are finding new games. It also promises excellent performance tools for multiplayer games and association with powerful 3D gaming engine.


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  1. sonu Says:
  2. wonderful......i am a myspace gamer..........if it happens i will enjoy..........yahoooo

  3. sruthi Says:
  4. really............great........

  5. tony Says:
  6. really amazing............thank you

  7. shambu Says:
  8. amazing great .........

  9. jayasree Says:
  10. good.....we are waiting 4 the launch of new platforms......

  11. jayasree Says:
  12. good.....we are waiting 4 the launch of new platforms......

  13. MikeV Says:
  14. Not so long ago MySpace was THE place to be then along came Facebook which toppled it off its mantle - and is now after Google.

    So, do you guys out there think MySpace can return to its previously high position in the market - and maybe this gaming thing is the way for it to do that - or is it doomed to continue to loose market share to the big F?


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