Sony Tablets with Android OS deliver the perfect combination of hardware, content and network with seamless usability for a quality, engaging entertainment experience. Based on decades of engineering heritage, Sony is developing two Android Tablets with unprecedented design, including the Sony S1 tablet which is optimized for rich media entertainment and the Sony S2 tablet hich is ideal for mobile communication and entertainment.

Sony Tablets are equipped with the latest Google Android 3.0 software which is designed and optimized for tablets. Both Sony Android Tablets are Wi-Fi and WAN (3G/4G) compatible and Sony tablet users can not only browse the internet or check e-mail but they can also smoothly access digital content including videos, games and books through Sony's premium network services and more, on-the-go at any time.

Sony S1 Android Tablet has a 9.4-inch display for enjoying the web and rich content on a large screen. Its off-center of gravity design realizes stability and ease of grip as well as a sense of stability and lightness, offering comfortable use for hours. The Sony S2 Android Tablet has two 5.5-inch displays that can be folded for easy portability. In contrast to existing tablets, its unprecedented dual screen presentation and usability allows its displays to be combined and used as a large screen or for different functions such as playing video on one screen while showing control buttons on the other.

Sony's knowhow for combining hardware and software, ?Sony Android Tablets? realizes optimal usability and performance. Because of Sony's rapid response technologies, users can perform smooth, quick touch-screen operations and enjoy fast and efficient website loading. The keyboard arrangement is also optimized for the large screen, making email and SNS communication a breeze.

Sony Tablets can control home entertainment devices as well as enjoy content in new ways. The Sony S1 tablet uses infrared technology and works as universal remote controls for a variety of AV devices starting with Bravia. Users can perform functions like turning on their TVs, changing the channel and adjusting the volume. Also, through DLNA functionality on Sony Tablets, users can throw personal content to large screen televisions or music to wireless speakers.

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MAXX Tiny MQ368 is a Dual SIM phone and has a qwerty keyboard with an optical trackpad for navigation. This phone also boasts of dedicated keys for Facebook and MSN and has a 1000 mAh battery that can churn out a talk time of 4 hours and standby of 300 hours. The MQ368 has a small 2-inch TFT display and a 2 Megapixel camera at the back. Plus it is also Java-enabled and supports Opera?s Mini Browser.

The Maxx Tiny MQ368,a Qwerty phone with 2.0 TFT display and an optical track-pad, weighs 64 grams. Powered with 1000 mAh battery, the phone allows a talk-time of up to 4 hours and a standby time of up to 300 hours, the company claimed.It has also dedicated keys for Facebook and MSN. Besides, it is Java enabled and supports Opera mini browser. The dual SIM phone comes with a 2MP camera

Maxx Tiny MQ368, a QWERTY with 2.0 TFT display and an optical track-pad, weighs a mere 64 grams. Powered with 1000 mAh battery, the phone allows a talk-time of up to 4 hours and a standby time of up to 300 hours. The Maxx Tiny MQ368 is just perfect fit for social networking enthusiasts, with dedicated keys for Facebook and MSN. MQ368 is a dual SIM phone that comes with a 2 MP Camera and is Java enabled and supports Opera mini browser
The Maxx Tiny MQ368, a Qwerty phone with 2.0 TFT display and an optical track-pad, weighs 64 grams. Powered with 1000 mAh battery, the phone allows a talk-time of up to 4 hours and a standby time of up to 300 hours, the company claimed.Maxx Tiny MX372 is a dual SIM bar phone with 2.0 TFT display and weighs 61 grams. Available in four funky colours - purple, pink, wine red and white, MX372 comes with optical track-pad and flaunts a 2MP camera with flash

Asus Released ROG G53JW-IX162V 3D Laptop Like Alienware, the 3D solution has NVIDIA's active shutter glasses and an integrated receiver in the guts of the laptop. That's particular good on this model because it doesn't need the extra hardware on the outside. The massive fans at the back mean Asus had to cram the ports at both sides - Asus even had to add the card reader at the front.

It is an unfortunate design feature but we'd rather have the comprehensive port layout than bugger all. For your wonga you get four USBs, one HDMI  for outing your content to an HD source, one eSATA, one VGA and the fastest wired LAN connect you can get. You'll also be pleased to hear you get a Blu-ray player and very nice chiclet keyboard, which is complemented by a solid matte touchpad.

Despite only sitting on a small 15.6-inch chassis, we found the Asus ROG G53JW-IX162V to be a bit weighty. It's bulked up by the nice stealth bomber design and it's still essentially fine for carrying around over to a mates but you wouldn't want to carry it for too long.

The Colour-Shine LED screen only supports a resolution of 1366 x 768. If that were on a bigger model you'd notice the difference but it is fine here. In fact, we streamed 720 HD (half full HD) content from You Tube and the screen was excellent for movies playback, offering accurate colours and good detail if you are happy to sit close enough when you're using it. Our only bone of contention is the really tight viewing angle and dimmed 3D screen. You aren't going to get away with sociably playing any 3D content on this for more than one person and, even though all screens dim when you put 3D glasses on, this one could've been brighter.

 Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
Processor: 1.73 GHz, Intel Core i7 740QM
Memory: 8GB installed/ 8GB upgradable
Storage: 640GB
15.6-inch Screen: 1366x768 LED display
Graphics: 1.5GB GeForce GTX 460M
Battery Life: 112 minutes.

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Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

Friday, June 17, 2011 0 comments

There's a new mouse in the Microsoft house. The new Arc Touch is the latest update of Microsoft's Arc wireless mouse series. Does it bring anything new to the wireless USB mouse genre or should you skip this iteration of the product? This is where you find out.

Packaging and Contents

The Arc Touch comes in a box significantly sleeker than the original came in. Inside the box is the mouse with the USB dongle, 2 AAA batteries and the manuals. MIA: the nice carrying case that the original Arc came with, something that would have been of use since the shiny surface of the mouse is easily scratched and the rubbery back can attract a lot of dust.

First Impression

It is difficult not to refer to Apple's magic mouse or the previous generation Arc mouse while talking about the Arc Touch. The Arc Touch is as sleek as, if not sleeker, than Apple's magic mouse. But unlike the completely touch sensitive magic mouse, the Arc Touch has two plastic physical keys for the left and right click, with a silver touch sensitive scroll in between.

At first glance, the Arc Touch does not look like a mouse at all. It is flat, like a mobile phone, in its 'dormant' or off state, and is not curved like a normal mouse. Bending it physically not only shapes it into a conventional mouse, but switches it on at the same time.

There is a distinct clicking sound once the mouse snaps into its operating position. We've never seen such a feature in a mouse before, and it gets points for slickness. You just need to straighten it back to switch it off. No small fiddly buttons required.

The USB connector of the mouse is pretty interesting too. It is extremely small and sticks to the magnetic bottom of the mouse, which is both a good and a bad thing. Black mark: it's really small and does not interfere with devices plugged into adjacent ports. Red mark:, if you slip the device into a bag loaded with goodies and the dongle comes off, finding it will be like searching for a needle in a haystack.


The Arc Touch performs well as a mouse with its BlueTrack laser sensor ensuring that the device runs smoothly on all surfaces and is very accurate. But, the touch-sensitive scroll-pad in the middle needs some getting used to.

It gives you a vibration feedback as you scroll. The vibration feedback however lasts for a heartbeat longer than comfortable even after you are done scrolling. Also, you have to double click on the slim strip in the middle for a middle click.

Another noticeable disadvantage is that if you wish to use the device with an Apple computer, you have limited customization options.


This is a lifestyle product, built for style rather than utility. It has a couple of unique innovations that convert a mere peripheral to a stylish accessory. But, at a price of Rs. 3,600, it may be difficult to recommend, as there are other devices in this category that cost less than half.

It is certainly meant for those who want to spend something extra to set them apart from the crowds. Do not buy if you are looking for good value for money - there are other, albeit more boring, options.

         Easy plug and play
         Small USB donglel
         USB dongle can easily be lost
         No carrying case
Price: Rs. 3,600

         Performance: 3
         Price: 2.5
         Ease of setup: 5
         Ergonomics: 3.5
         Wow Factor: 5
         Overall: 4

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