Charts and pie diagrams are ways to convey the relative status of different parameters or products. This can be represented in a table or spread sheet. This will be a tedious task to read and understand each and every item.

Here I am introducing 5 of the most used JavaScript for converting the boring set of available data into useful charts.
1..            Emprise JavaScript Charts

Emprise JavaScript Charts are commonly used JavaScripts which supports charts including Area, Bar, Line, Trend and so on. It also offers the facility to import data from many formats like XML, CSV and JSON.

2.            Flot

Flot is another popular charting solution which has a lot of interactive features like zooming. Mouse tracking is also its salient feature.

3.            Google Chart Tools

Google chart tool combines two charting solutions namely Google Visualization API and the Google Chart API. It is highly user friendly and interactive. An important feature of this tool is that we can make charts using GUI interface.

4.          JScharts

JScharts is impressive charting solution offering powerful charting options. It allows various data formats. We can make pie charts, line, bar and so on using this tool.

5.            YUI Charts Control

This is a part of YUI library. It is based on JavaScript, but users are required to have flash player installed to access this tool.

Art of Pencils(pictures)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010 0 comments


Sun updates Java SE 6

Saturday, April 17, 2010 0 comments

Sun releases Java update for the first time in 2010. It aims at providing fixes for about 300 bugs. It also gives much importance to enhance features and performance.

Java SE 6 update 18 has no security updates included in it. Largest speciality in this release is a virtual machine called Hot spot. This advancement will surely improve the performance of Java and JavaFX applications.

This latest release also improves the start up time of Java based applications like JavaFX. Sun created JavaFX so as to compete with Flash and silverlight. Start up time of this application improved by about 15 percentage by this update.

Java releases two types of updates in a year. They are general updates and security updates. Authorities says that the security updates will be available by the end of the quarter.

Apache Cassandra released 0.6

Wednesday, April 14, 2010 1 comments

The latest version of the NoSQL distributed database management system
named Cassandra is now available. Facebook developed this open source
NoSQL database. In 2009 they submited it to the Apache software

Apache Cassandra is a second generation NoSQL database scalability is
one of the stunning features.
One of the popular social network twitter switched to Apache Cassandra
because of the high handling capacity. High speed is another important

Best Casinos on USA Casino

Monday, April 12, 2010 3 comments

USA Casino provides wide variety of most popular USA casino reviews. It contains about 50 different casino reviews. They provide exciting payment options too. There is no software download required to start the game. There is no restriction for the USA players.

The site is very attractive with images and animations. It stops the visitors to read each and every content. The home page contains two columns. On the left side, their are animations of various Casino sites. On the right side, there are links to various casino reviews. There are special links for no deposit USA Casinos and Flash USA casinos.

There are many payment options available. Click2pay, eWalletXpress, Visa / MasterCard are some among them. They also provides exciting offers for playing the game. The features of each casino is displayed in the home page. It gives clear idea for the visitor about the site and make him a regular visitor.

The color distribution of the site is praise worthy. The navigation pattern is very easy. It takes very little time to load. The arrangement of different elements like primary navigation, content, footer and site description is really stunning.

15 Best Google Logos

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Mother's Day


Father's Day

Women's Day

National Library Day

St. Patrick's Day

St. George's Day

 Da Vinci's Birthday

Michelangelo's Birthday

Einstein's Birthday

Ray Charles' Birthday

Dragon's day

Earth Day

Valentine's Day

Invention of the First Laser

First Day of Spring

Apple releases new iphone operating system this week, probably on
thursday. iPAD which runs on this operating system is released some
days ago. According to the invitation the function will be at Apple
headquarters in Cupertino, California.

This time apple will be previewing iphone 4.0 os. Apple's one of the
major updates was on March 2009 by previewing iphone 3.0 os. It was
finaly released on june of that year.

Customers expect many stunning features on this new os.

With the release of 0.11 version, CouchDB introduces some stunning new features and excellent performance. CouchDB is a famous NoSQL open source database that includes the capacity for database content to be replicated in the cloud and on customers desktop.

Katz commenced the CouchDB project in 2005 aiming to build a scalable database which can be easily replicated. Erlang open source language is used for this purpose. This language was developed by Ericsson for use in communication.

Katz expects to release CouchDB 1.0 by summer. He said that there are many challenges to be overcame by the release. One among them is getting developers understood there is something beyond SQL.

We have been using HTML 4 for nearly a decade. Web is continuously evolving. New features are added frequently. Publishers require new and latest features to enhance productivity and functionality. So for giving more flexibility and functionalities, HTML 5 is coming.

HTML 5 includes a wide range of features like API’s, multimedia, structure, semantics and form controls. Work of HTML 5 commenced in 2004. Even after five years we cannot reach the final draft. According to authorities we have to wait till 2022 for the final draft. First draft was launched in 2008, and many leading browsers implemented some of the proposals.

Some of the features are

1. Ability to describe content

HTML 5 aims at giving developer easy and precise way to describe contents. Using HTML 4, we can describe as below. Browser considers each as a div element.

Using HTML 5, we can describe as below. Now the browser knows each component such as the main content inside <article> element, navigation inside <nav> element.

2. Form controls

Each and every site contains forms of different format. It is extremely difficult to find a site with out form. HTML 5 proposes form handling feature called web forms 2.0. For implementing a form below in HTML 4 the code is as one given below.

In HTML 5 we can use code as below.

3. API for web applications

HTML 4 do not allow developers to markup web utilities. HTML 5 introduces many APIs aiming at enhancement of web application development. As a result, it will eliminate 3rd party applications such as flash to display media.

4. Use of <canvas> element

This will help to display pie charts based on tables. You can also use scripts to respond to visitors clicks using this API.

5. Visitors can interact with webpage

The Boolean attribute, contenteditable allows you to specify which section of your website can be changed by the user. It aims at making the web more interactive than before.

1.       Coding Html and CSS
Learning Html and CSS is surely one of the most beneficial things when we consider web designing. An idea about how browser displays a website will help you to design an easy site. One should keep up-to-date with CSS so that he can improve his website.

2.       Good use of detail
Adding details in webpage may be a difference between a good design and a best one.

3.       Use of images
Image has importance in attracting visitors. Some stunning pictures may become a cause of increased traffic and page views.

4.       Footer design
Many designers neglect footer. It has highly serious role since we can add some valuable information. It helps to retain visitors for a long time.

5.       Easy navigation
Navigation is a primary way of using your site. So its design should be clear and simple. This will help users to find their desired topics easily. This will surely benefit traffic.

                         The browser market is becoming more and more competitive. Major browsers are getting updated with new features. Microsoft's Internet Explorer is the most used browser. There are many other browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera etc. Mozilla Firefox is next to Internet Explorer.

                           In March Google’s Chrome reached about a quarter of Firefox’s share across the globe. Google’s Chrome reached 6.1 percent of browser usage from 5.6 percent at the end of this March. Firefox also reached 24.5 percent from 24.2 percent. Safari rose from 4.5 percent to 4.7 percent. Microsoft's Internet Explorer continued its decline of browser usage from 61.6 to 60.7

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