5 Best Features of HTML 5

Saturday, April 3, 2010


We have been using HTML 4 for nearly a decade. Web is continuously evolving. New features are added frequently. Publishers require new and latest features to enhance productivity and functionality. So for giving more flexibility and functionalities, HTML 5 is coming.

HTML 5 includes a wide range of features like API’s, multimedia, structure, semantics and form controls. Work of HTML 5 commenced in 2004. Even after five years we cannot reach the final draft. According to authorities we have to wait till 2022 for the final draft. First draft was launched in 2008, and many leading browsers implemented some of the proposals.

Some of the features are

1. Ability to describe content

HTML 5 aims at giving developer easy and precise way to describe contents. Using HTML 4, we can describe as below. Browser considers each as a div element.

Using HTML 5, we can describe as below. Now the browser knows each component such as the main content inside <article> element, navigation inside <nav> element.

2. Form controls

Each and every site contains forms of different format. It is extremely difficult to find a site with out form. HTML 5 proposes form handling feature called web forms 2.0. For implementing a form below in HTML 4 the code is as one given below.

In HTML 5 we can use code as below.

3. API for web applications

HTML 4 do not allow developers to markup web utilities. HTML 5 introduces many APIs aiming at enhancement of web application development. As a result, it will eliminate 3rd party applications such as flash to display media.

4. Use of <canvas> element

This will help to display pie charts based on tables. You can also use scripts to respond to visitors clicks using this API.

5. Visitors can interact with webpage

The Boolean attribute, contenteditable allows you to specify which section of your website can be changed by the user. It aims at making the web more interactive than before.


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