5 techniques for best Web design

Friday, April 2, 2010


1.       Coding Html and CSS
Learning Html and CSS is surely one of the most beneficial things when we consider web designing. An idea about how browser displays a website will help you to design an easy site. One should keep up-to-date with CSS so that he can improve his website.

2.       Good use of detail
Adding details in webpage may be a difference between a good design and a best one.

3.       Use of images
Image has importance in attracting visitors. Some stunning pictures may become a cause of increased traffic and page views.

4.       Footer design
Many designers neglect footer. It has highly serious role since we can add some valuable information. It helps to retain visitors for a long time.

5.       Easy navigation
Navigation is a primary way of using your site. So its design should be clear and simple. This will help users to find their desired topics easily. This will surely benefit traffic.


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  1. jayasree Says:
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  3. David Says:
  4. Yes the blogger is right css and html are beneficial things...

  5. Marcus_Dane Says:
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