Charts and pie diagrams are ways to convey the relative status of different parameters or products. This can be represented in a table or spread sheet. This will be a tedious task to read and understand each and every item.

Here I am introducing 5 of the most used JavaScript for converting the boring set of available data into useful charts.
1..            Emprise JavaScript Charts

Emprise JavaScript Charts are commonly used JavaScripts which supports charts including Area, Bar, Line, Trend and so on. It also offers the facility to import data from many formats like XML, CSV and JSON.

2.            Flot

Flot is another popular charting solution which has a lot of interactive features like zooming. Mouse tracking is also its salient feature.

3.            Google Chart Tools

Google chart tool combines two charting solutions namely Google Visualization API and the Google Chart API. It is highly user friendly and interactive. An important feature of this tool is that we can make charts using GUI interface.

4.          JScharts

JScharts is impressive charting solution offering powerful charting options. It allows various data formats. We can make pie charts, line, bar and so on using this tool.

5.            YUI Charts Control

This is a part of YUI library. It is based on JavaScript, but users are required to have flash player installed to access this tool.


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  1. that's all cool & great js charts, thank you very much for sharing.

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