UWB replaces USB

Sunday, March 7, 2010


                        UWB or ultra wide band is one of the latest technologies developing nowadays. It uses wireless technology. It is certainly a promising technology. Ultra Wide Band uses extremely short low power rated pulses, and these frequencies should not interfere with radio frequencies. This WiMedia technology promises to free users from wires and also enables wireless connection from various devices for transmission of media. It is legally allowed that UWB can use a frequency range of about 3.1Ghz to 10.6Ghz.

                         This will surely replace USB 2.0. The technology is very difficult to materialize according to developers. WiQuest, which is the most successful chipmakers are slowing down the research due to lack of capital. Many companies are trying to make milestone in this field. So this technology will kick wires in the recent future.

Lets look some of the applications of UWB

A video recorded as live can be played in a friends TV as live.

A laptop can be connected to projector wirelessly during seminar presentations.

News collectors can send their videos directly into there office from the spot itself.

These are some of the applications.


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  1. jayasree Says:
  2. woh.....gret idea...very interesting applications...plz include more details about the technology...what are the defects of this technology?.....thank u ....

  3. There is some health issues related to this. Researches are going on to reduce the problem.

  4. jayasree Says:
  5. ok...thanx...

  6. Anonymous Says:
  7. it is very interesting..........


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