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PHP is one of the most popular general purpose scripting language, which is designed for web development, to create dynamic web pages. Many of the open source publishing platforms like Drupal and joomla uses this language. PHP gives fast, stable and secure pages. For a productive web developer, a superb collection of tools is needed.

In this article I like to present 6 significant PHP tools


Many of us know that it is difficult to install Apache web server. It is not an easy task to add MySQL, Perl and PHP. XAMPP is an easy to use Apache tool including MySQL, Perl and PHP. It is easy to download, extract and use.

It is a fast development framework for PHP. It provides  architecture for creating, maintaining and deploying applications. Using this tool reduces cost and the developer can reduce codes.

Codeigniter is a powerful open source PHP framework for PHP coders who need an excellent toolkit for full featured web applications.

PEAR is a framework for reusable PHP elements. It is also easy to use.

Symfony is a collection of cohesive classes in PHP. It provides necessary elements, scheme and tools for developers to create complex web applications.

JpGraph is an object-oriented graph generating library for PHP. It is written entirely in PHP. It can be used in any of the PHP scripts. Using this tool various types of graphs can be created to convert boring data into beautiful graphs.


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