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Are you a . Net developer? Why are you not utilizing the advantage of Open-source projects? Many developers now rely upon these open source development tools.

Here, I am describing 5 popular open-source projects for dot Net developers.


It is an element of ASP. NET web application framework. You can make ASP. NET web application using ASP. NET MVC and ASP. NET web forms. The MVC application has three elements. They are Model, View, Controller. Model contains core information and View contains presentation of application. Control encapsulates control flow logic.

2. ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit

It is an open- source project created by the joint effort of Microsoft and ASP. NET AJAX community. This projects give importance to the creation of interactive web experience. ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit contains more than 30 control elements which provides easy and effective web experience.

3. CruiseControl

The CruiseControl architecture contains three elements. They are the build loop, the jsp reporting and the dashboard. The build loop is the core part. It notifies users using publishing techniques. The jsp application allows users to browse the result of the first element.

4. DotNetNuke

DotNetNuke is a popular content management platform for. Net. It is the most widely adopted web solution framework on Windows server. It is used in more than 500K portals and public sites.

5. Mono

It is a platform designed to provide developers easy creation of cross platform applications.


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