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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

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1. The NYTimes app

The NYTimes App allows you to watch best Newyork Times journalism. It is perfectly free of charge. This tool includes various display functions, sharing facilities and offline reading.

2.  Epocrates Rx for Android – BETA

It is a medical tool for the easy access of thousands of drug monographs. You can search by name or by brand name of the drug to get full details. Cautions and side effects are also highlighted. This application requires  Android Os higher than v1.6 with 27MB available memory.

3. Twitter App

Twitter App makes your Android available with the latest information relating to any category. You can share pictures, videos and links through this App. Using map you can watch what is going on near you and all over the world.

4. Google Earth

Google Earth was developed by google, and it allows you to explore the world within your palm. You can enter name of a city or any other place to get a keen view of the same through your Android based smart phone.

5. Wordpress

Wordpress was developed by Automattic  for easy posting and editing of Blogs. It is an open-source application which supports "wordpress.com" and self hosted wordpress.

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