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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Actually review sites are good for one who want to make some extra money from his writing skills. And blogging is now a trend for most of us. 

Here is the list of Review and Blog advertising sites.

1. Reviewstream- My personal favorite review site at the moment: Earning money with Review Stream is very simple. You write reviews of anything you can think of; from books to movies to cosmetics to your physicians/locations/electronics etc etc.  The site has two paying rates. You can get paid the full rate ($2) or you can be paid a bulk rate ($0, 40). From my experience it's more probable to get paid the full rate if you write about a location (hotel, restaurant) and/or if your review is original and nobody else covered the subject before.
Every Vote pays you. Publish all your reviews link to all your sites, social networking sites and promote. Every vote will pay you $.10.
You don't have to open account with them. Everything is managed by email & name. Go to the home page, there you will find "Write Review “image. Click on that image that will take you to the page where you can start writing reviews.  International members are welcome. Minimum Payout is of $50.00 and which will be paid using PayPal.
2. Comparedbyus- One has to write reviews from the list of products that you see on their site. They give $0.25 for a quick review, while they give you $1 for extended review. Products which has received less than 10 reviews will only be paid which means if you are the 11th person to rate the product you won’t receive anything. So make sure to review only those products that have received less than 10 reviews. Beginners are not allowed more than 10 reviews per month.  International members are welcome. Minimum Payout is of $20.00 which will be paid using PayPal.

3. UK MEMBERS ONLY. Get paid to review just about any product or topic you can think of and become part of an active community. To the best of my knowledge Minimum payout is at £5, by cheque.

4. - Get paid $1-$1.50 for reviewing products. Your reviews need to be minimum 30 words. The maximum number of reviews per signup is 50. Multiple signups from the same person are not permitted. There is no minimum balance you have to earn but there is a maximum of 50 accepted/approved reviews, so you can earn between $50- $75. You can either you request a paper check or have the earnings sent to your PayPal account.

5. – You have to write reviews from the list of products that you see on their site. You can earn 0.01 per rating u give and get 0.01 if someone rate u helpful, 0.02 if very helpful and 0.03 if exceptional.
International members are welcome. Minimum Payout is of $5.00 and which will be paid using PayPal.

I know of many online friends who were paid few months back. I am not sure if they are still accepting reviews. If they are accepting reviews then you will be paid.

6. - You get paid to review software products on their site. They pay up to $50.00 for a top notch review which is extremely difficult to get but they do pay minimum $1.00 for each review. International members are welcome. Payout is set at $200 through Western Union only.

7. You will be paid money to review other sites and products on your blog. Earnings will depend on the quality and popularity of your blog.

8. Shvoong- This site is very similar to other paid review sites such as Dooyoo and Ciao except that at Shvoong you can only write reviews on other publications, such as magazines, websites, books, newspapers, etc. You can also write about the subject of Medicine and Science. You earn royalties from your reviews - advertisements are displayed on the same pages as your reviews, and you earn money every time someone views one of these adverts/clicks on one of these adverts. The more people you can get to view your review, the more money you can expect to earn with Shvoong.

9-—Somewhat Similar to above Similar to above site. (You can make some money by reviewing products on your blog) You receive the review request and if you chose to accept it you write minimum 200 words about the product and you post it on your blog and you notify about the completion of your review. You get paid in the beginning of each month according to the reviews you have completed.

11. PayU2Blog- PayU2Blog is a smaller player in the sponsored review market. As a PayU2Blog publisher, you will be given paid posting assignments on a weekly basis based on the blog profile you create.

12. SocialSpark- SocialSpark is a social site where advertisers can handpick bloggers to help them promote their products and services through sponsored reviews or display advertising.

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