Jumping to different locations inside a page

Saturday, December 25, 2010

qwer 1) Define a target 
1. Decide a target location on the page.
2. Assign an ID to the HTML element occupying that location.
3.<p id="postbottom">You’ve reached the bottom of the post</p>
You can add an id attribute to any element -<div>, <span>, <p>, <a> , <img> etc.
4. If you don’t have an element there (i.e. you are jumping into a middle of a long paragraph), just create one -enclosed a word with a … tag and add in the id.

2) Jump from the same page

To jump to that particular location you need a hyperlink pointing to it.
1. Create an ordinary link/anchor.
2. Put the element ID from step 1)2 as the link destination (the value of href attribute). The ID must be preceded by a pound sign (#).

3) Jump to top of page

To jump to the top of the same page, simply use the pound sign (without ID) as the destination, like this:
<a href="#">Back to top</a>
My back top top button at the bottom left of the screen uses such URL.

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