15 Get Paid To Write Websites

Saturday, December 25, 2010

qwer 1. HubPages

HubPages is your online space to share your advice, reviews, useful tips, opinions and insights with hundreds of other authors. HubPages is completely free, and you can even earn online ad revenue from Google Adsense, ebay, Amazon, etc. Hubpages is also having a great community of people where you can interact with the people through groups, forums, to become a fan of your favorite authour.

2. Xomba

Xomba is a free community that allows users to earn money through writing and sharing information. You can make money through Google Adsense share revenue program. There are two ways to participate in Xomba. The first one is you can write content about anything except adult, violence, content. The second way is you can social bookmark your favorite web pages and make money. In both ways you can earn a share of 50-50 ad revenue from Google Adsense.


Using Reviewstream you can earn money by writing reviews. You can write about what ever it may be like books, phones, movies, sports,health, music, travel, websites, etc. If your review get published you get $2 for it. The minimum Payout is $50 and you can get paid through Paypal services. The good thing about this website is even you no need to sign up. Just write with the unique email address regularly. It is also a nice place to read review about anything.

4. Bukisa

Bukisa is a place wher you can share your knowledge with others and make money for others using your knowledge. You can participate Bukisa by writing content, posting images, videos, slideshows, etc. Their payment method is relatively a new one called "Bukisa index" that is a number that represents the current value of money for 1000 unique visitors. For example, the Bukisa index is $4 then you receive $4 for 1000 unique visitors. You can also make money with their referral system. The minimum payout is $10 and you can receive it through paypal services.
Now they are integrating Adsense program into bukisa. So effectively no Index scheme.

5. Fortitude 

Fortitude is a magazine that give $10-$100 for every article that published on the front page.

6. Boddunan - Only for Indians
This is a new website where you can make money by writing articles, posting their web links, referring others, etc. They pay you Rs.100 per for eligible article. The minimum payout is Rs.2000.

7. Mylot

Mylot is a community of individuals who share their news, links, videos, etc. You can earn money by posting, discussing with other users, etc. The Minimum payout is $10.

8. Squidoo

Squidoo Fast, free and easy way to build a page on a topic you're passionate about. Earn money for charity or yourself, get traffic. More than 900,000 pages built so far. In Squidoo the pages are called lenses and you can create the lenses with text, photo, video, etc. You can make money by creating rich lenses. You can paid through paypal services the minimum amount is optional and you can set it to even $1. If you want to donate your earnings to charity then you can have the option to do it.

9. About.com

About.com: expert guidance from real people searching the Internet for the information, goods, and services that you need to know related to your passion.

10. Associated Content

Associated Content is a platform that enables everyone to publish their content in any format (text, video, audio, images) on any topic and then distributes that content through its website and content partners.

11. Helium

A directory of real world knowledge. Get paid to write for your quality content.

12. Triond

Triond is an all-inclusive online publishing service that enables users to easily publish quality subject matter of any type, in any media format, anywhere. Becoming a Triond user is free and allows you to share you knowledge, ideas, opinions. The good thing about this website is you can write in your own language if it is listed in their website. The minimum payout is only $0.5 where you can get paid through paypal services.

13. eHow

eHow is the world's most popular place to find step-by-step instructions on how to do just about everything.You can write and make money using ehow's writer program. The minimum payout is $10. But this program is available to U.S. Residents Only.

14. infobarrel

Contribute Your Writing skills to Infobarrel and make money through Google Adsense Share Revenue Program. Infobarrel gives you 75% of adsense share revenue to you.

15. Digital Journal 

Digital Journal offer everyone the chance to get paid to report news as a Digital Journalist. At this time, they are only offering payment for news articles written by Digital Journalists so the blogs, images, Groups and other activities are meant to build community (they’re unpaid). The minimum payout is $10 and you can get via paypal.

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