Google plans to wind down Google Lab

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Google has announced that it is planning to wind down its Labs project as the company aims to its streamline product portfolio and pay more attention on development efforts. The Google Labs project is a platform for all the early stage product prototypes and allows end users to try out without any guarantees of their future existence.

Google's plan to stop Google Labs has already sparked debate whether the Giant Internet company has done the right thing. If we consider the fact that Google has always touted its policy of introducing new products and allowing the users lay their hands on them.

It should be noted that Google Labs was often touted as as the playground for its curious users. The Labs also served as incubator for some of the popular Google products such as Google Maps, Google Readers and Google Groups.

There are more than 50 experimental products listed under Google Labs. When Google Labs disappear, some will be included into existing products. However, there's no comments on which of the products will disappear and which ones will not. Moreover, correct date for shutting down Google Labs has not been announced.

The company added that the most of the Android apps on the Labs will be transferred to the Android Market. Google promises that its product-specific Labs sites, like Gmail Labs, Google Maps Labs and Search Experiments are not going to be affected.


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